How it works

How it works

Keenoa is an innovative tool built for dietitians who want to offer exceptional consultations.

1 - You invite your clients from your web application.

Within your web application, you enter your client email address and click on invite.

Your client will receive an email containing an invitation to download the free Keenoa inteligent food diary mobile application (available on Android and IOS).

2 - Your clients track their meals with the mobile application.

They snap a picture of each of their meal to track it.

Fun and simple, the mobile application recognizes food items from pictures... and yes, it works with mixed dishes.

The nutrient analysis is only available to the dietitian to ensure that your client receives accurate interpretation from your expertise.

3 - You receive all the nutritional information instantly.

Photos of meal, detailed (30+ nutrients) and customizable nutritional tables will be available to you.

4 - Deliver exceptional consultations

No time is wasted on data collection. Shine during consultations by using the dynamic Keenoa dashboard to teach and impress your clients.

Seeing what he ate, understanding how he ate and listening to your quantified objectives. Now that is a consultation that your client won't forget.