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Dietitians, know what your clients eat & make them happier with you

The food tracker your clients will love to use and that will exceptionally guide your nutrition interventions.

Old methods to evaluate clients' dietary intake have many limitations…

Only requires pen and paper
Time burden on client
Effort burden on client
Requires analysis (eg. Excel)
Most likely incomplete and misreported

“Thank you for having built Keenoa! It makes appointments way more interactive; my average number of follow-ups tripled!”

Erika Lechuga-Rodriguez, RD

Keenoa is the food diary that both you and your clients will love & trust.

Mobile app for your clients

Connected to validated food databases

Photo-based and food recognition-enhanced

Includes mindful & intuitive eating

Can only be offered by dietitans

Vanessa N.
Visual food diary. Practical, well built and allows a nutritionist to follow the evolution of meals in real time, as part of a process of identifying food intolerances.
Maxime C.
Very effective to collaborate with your dietitian! This app is fun and easy to use!
David W.
Was a great way for my dietitian to track my eating habits for easy feedback. Awesome AI feature too!
Marilyn C.
This app is perfect for me and communication with Gabrielle, my dietitan! Furthermore, it allows me to question my eating habits at each meal.

Connected to your web platform for dietitians

Krystel Dubé, RD

“Keenoa allows to quickly and efficiently retrieve accurate data to better guide the nutritional approach.”

Keenoa is crafted for dietitians & trusted by researchers.

With Keenoa you will:

Know what you clients eat

“Pictures from the log help you understand your clients’ dietary habits and confirm their nutritional intake” - Valentina GG., RD

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Motivate your clients

“Very effective in establishing collaboration with my nutritionist!” - Client of a RD

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Increase your referrals

“Keenoa enhances our profession; now we have objective analyses to share with physicians” - Geneviève M., RD

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Over 100,000 clients who are happy to use Keenoa

Be confident with the use of Keenoa within less than 5 minutes

Monthly subscription, cancel anytime

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HIPAA compliant, highest level of security & privacy