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Deliver outstanding consults, without the extra work

Dietitians, get all your clients to love your service with Keenoa - the best way to provide exceptional value by understanding eating habits.

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Capture precise eating patterns in no time

The free Keenoa mobile app will delight your clients and help them capture the dietary information you need to guide them efficiently.

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“Keenoa allows to quickly and efficiently retrieve accurate data to better guide the nutritional approach.”

Krystel Dubé, RD

Retain your clients and keep them motivated

Set your clients up for success by sustaining long-term motivation with custom reports and quick comments.

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“Thank you for having built Keenoa! It makes appointments way more interactive; my average number of follow-ups tripled!”

Erika Lechuga Rodriguez, RD

Grow your practice

Get more business by being the center of attention of your client's meals.

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"Keenoa is an app thought by and for dietitians. It is excellent for food diaries. The clients who use it with me find it great, not to say astonishing!"

Nathalie Quirion, RD