How it works

Capture precise eating patterns in no time

The free Keenoa mobile app will delight your clients and help them capture the dietary information you need to guide them efficiently.

Increase the accuracy of the nutrient intake measures

Keenoa uses a national comprehensive database of foods to breakdown each food item captured in pictures into 30+ nutrients.

Customize your analytic dashboard using the nutrient toolbox.

Personalize your approach for each of your clients based on their nutritional needs.

Unravel eating patterns

Quickly detect eating patterns through pictures of meals, time of meal consumption, and macronutrient distributions.

Use the graphic illustrations during your one-on-one session with your clients to set concrete goals.

Be efficient

Still asking your client about their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks? You can now skip the boring tasks.

Your clients use the mobile application. You get all of their nutritional information (pictures of meals, breakdown of nutrients and eating patterns).

Keenoa allows to quickly and efficiently retrieve accurate data to better guide the nutritional approach.

Krystel Dubé, RD

Gift your client with an intelligent food diary that they will love

Fun and simple, the mobile application recognizes food items from pictures... and yes, it works with mixed dishes.

No need to enter a recipe twice. We detect when the current meal was previously consumed.

Free mobile application for your client.