How it works

How it works for clients

Keenoa is a tool that let you inform your dietitians of your eating habits simply.

1 - Download the free mobile app

You will receive your dietitian invitation by email. Use the link in the email to download the app. It is available on both the App Store and the Play Store.

2 - Take a picture of your plate

With pictures, your dietitian will see what you eat and will be able to help you better.

3 - Confirm your food

We use artificial intelligence to recognize food items from your picture so that you do not have to type.

4 - You already ate this meal ? Copy it and go to step 7.

We detect when it is a meal that you have already consumed. This way, you can simply copy your last entries in seconds.

5 - Get specific

Choose the proper item from our comprehensive database.

6 - Set the portion size

Use dynamic visual indicators to estimate portion sizes.

7 - Have extremely productive sessions with your dietitian

Your dietitian will have access to detailed information about how you eat before you even step into their office.

Instead of spending precious time explaining how you eat, your dietitian will have all the information at hand to go straight to solution mode.