How it works

Grow your practice

Get more business by being the center of attention of your client's meals.

Be an innovative dietitian

Give your clients the most innovative mobile application to track their eating habits.

Keenoa is the first intelligent food diary application created for dietitians that integrates food item recognition through artificial intelligence.

Keeping track of eating habits is now fun and simple for your clients.

Stand out from your competitors

Only registered dietitians can offer Keenoa to their clients.

It is the core mission of Keenoa to empower dietitians. The Keenoa team verifies the credentials of each newly subscribed professional to ensure that they are a member of a dietetic regulatory board.

By offering the Keenoa app to your clients, you are making the distinction from your competitors for them, and help them understand that you are the trusted expert in nutrition.

Increase referrals from clients

More than 90% of individuals trust recommendations from people they know compared to other types of advertising.

Through Keenoa you will be providing a whole new and unique experience to your clients.

Whenever your client takes a picture of their meal with Keenoa, it will be an opportunity for them to talk about you to their friends and family.