How it works

Retain your clients and keep them motivated

Set your clients up for success by sustaining long-term motivation with custom reports and quick comments.

Provide value to transform single consultations into recurring ones

By inviting your clients to use Keenoa, you will no longer need to spend valuable time to collect information on their usual intake.

Use the time gained to build a lasting impression and a trusting relationship with your client.

Show off your expertise by analyzing the graphs, pictures of meals and nutritional tables with your clients.

Motivate your clients

Motivate your client to achieve nutritional goals by leaving comments on their Keenoa intelligent food diary.

With the application on their cellphone, your clients will now have access to your tips and recommendations at any time.

Give more than what they expect

Use Keenoa to help you be specific at each session and provide new helpful information on food choices, food combinations, eating patterns and more.

Always find a new objective to work towards with your clients.

Make use of surprise and show your client the unexpected at every session.

Your client will want to come back to see you

The mobile app allows your client to log what they ate, but the exciting part is when they come to see you to find out how they ate!

The nutrient analysis is only available to the dietitian to ensure that your client receives accurate interpretation from your expertise.