How it works

Be connected to your dietitian with Keenoa

Designed for your dietitian and yourself too achieve nutritional goals and exceed expectations.

"What did you eat yesterday?"

Dietitians are the go-to experts for nutrition advice.

Dietitians often ask their clients to complete a food diary over several days. Individuals who keep a food diary are more likely to achieve their nutrition goals than those who don’t.

The traditional way of keeping a food diary requires you to write everything down on paper. This can be a long and burdensome task over time.

We believe that it is time to upgrade your food diary experience to make fun and easy.

Simply take pictures of what you eat

Simply take a picture of what you eat. Keeping track of what you eat no longer comes with the burden of constantly taking notes.

Tracking what you eat with Keenoa is as easy and fun as creating an Instagram post!

Let the app recognize what is on your plate

Keenoa uses artificial intelligence for food recognition and meal recognition to keep it simple for you to record what you eat.

Keenoa is more than just a food diary

Keenoa connects your dietitian to your food diary instantly. All the information and pictures of your meals are readily available to your dietitian in real time.

Your meals are broken down to 30+ nutrients to enable your dietitian to offer you personalized nutrition advice promptly at each session.

Keenoa is also a platform that your dietitian uses to track your progress towards your nutrition goals seamlessly.

You can share more information other than what you eat with your dietitian using Keenoa, such as how you are feeling before, during, or after a meal.